Make Token

Make token is an ERC20 compatible utility token that
offers opportunities for platform users in all of the following ways.

18+ Ways to Earn Tokens

Going Viral
The more likes you get, the bigger your share of ad revenue.
Create memes, captions, logos, slogans and more that beat the competition and win prizes.
Influencer Marketing
Popular? Earn tokens from brands for promoting their product.
Get tokens from your fans!
Selling Digital Goods
Sell your custom media like stickers, emojis, games and filters while you sleep.
Instant Gaming
Go head to head with friends and wager on skill based games.
High Scores
Earn tokens to get high scores in branded games.
Selling Content Rights
Sell potentially viral content to another user at the price you choose.
ShiftWear Ads
Display Ads on ShiftWear apparel and earn tokens to walk around.
Sort content, find reposts, report spam, earn tokens.
Get gifts from friends through any messenger.
Vote on sponsored polls, each voter gets an equal share of the prize.
Selling ShiftWear Designs
Create and sell widgets for ShiftWear apparel.
Content Sourcing
Use your creative skills to help out another user.
Sponsored Posting
Get another user some exposure - you get the rewards but they get the donations.
Sharing Endorsed Content
Help brands gain exposure by sending their monetized content to friends.
Repost Claim Reviews
Help us get rid of reposts by playing a matching game.
Private Communication
Set a token price to be contacted by unconnected users.

10+ Ways to Advertise and Promote

Sponsored Posts
Boost your post’s ranking and maximize exposure.
Banner Ads
Buy ad space per minute, hour, or day. Get better rates the more you commit to.
Affiliate Marketing
Sponsor your content, like stickers or branded emojis, to be shared by word of mouth.
Influencer Marketing
Trade tokens for sponsored posts from popular users.
Branded Games
Make instant games that are themed to your product.
High Scores
Award tokens to daily, weekly, or monthly high scorers of branded games.
ShiftWear Ads
Get your designs on people’s clothing in real-world, high-traffic areas.
Big prizes bring lots of competition and lots of exposure to your topic.
Up the prize to increase response or limit votes to increase competition.
Branded Content
Create free media packs that promote your product.

5+ Ways to use Tokens

Buy Content
Get sticker packs, emojis, filters and more from our marketplace.
Buy app skins, avatars, fonts and more to personalize your experience.
Support your favorite creators by sending tokens.
Get discounts
Get discounts on partnered products starting with ShiftWear apparel.
Content sourcing
Pay tokens for custom content from another talented user.
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